Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Miss Vasudevan says "Bye"!

This will be probably be the last time that I write as Miss Vasudevan! I know it should feel strange... but it doesn't!

Leaving for India tonight! For all of you in Australia - see you when I get back (Feb 18th!)! For those of you in India - hope to see you at the wedding!

I still don't really feel like I am actually getting married! It all seems too simple! I will try to upate when I am in India - if not, then deffinetly when I get back!

Wishing you all a great day / month!

12 days to go!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006 - in retrospect!

2007 is here, and I actually still can't believe that I have lived through yet another year of my life - without really achieving anything! Or so it feels...

January - I think Jan was a good month. Work, work and more work! I learnt about the true support that my friends could offer me and learnt that in order to love the world, you need to love yourself first. No one can make you happy but yourself.

February - My daddy was here!!! I remember thinking, "This is probably going to be the last time we all sit together like this - as a family!". I also started my dance classes in Feb, and spent the whole month making trips to the airport!

March - One of my friend's from high school gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy!!! I BECAME AN AUNTY FOR THE FIRST TIME!!! I bought a great watch :P (which I still have - and still love!) and was truly enjoying life! Isn't it amazing what a good watch can do?? :P I think there were a few months in 06 that I will truly treasure because I know I was allowed to do the things that I wanted to do...

April - I started tutoring again... Continued to just enjoy life for what it was.

May - Srini turned 21. Our house was robbed... It was a real roller coaster month!

June - I don't remember much happening in June. I think I spent ALOT of time with the people I work with! It was a greatly social month as far as I can remember!

July - I bought a brand new car - a AQUA MARINE TOYOTA YARIS!!!! YIIPEEE!!! It was all very exciting! I also managed to really get close to my mum...

August - I went to my first ever International Conference. It was great fun - I got so many free pens that month! I spent a weekend with my friends from work at Moreton Island (Which was absolutely gorgeous and the dolphins were sooo cute!) and presented my student seminar. It was also the first month that my parents got really serious about my wedding. It was a month of great confusion - but things did start to get better... eventually!

September - WHAT A MONTH! It was the month that I first spoke to the person that I will now be marrying. Someone on my MSN list has a quote that reads, "Sometimes we grow up overnight". I think that night for me was in September! I think I really did change as a person then - maybe not overnight, but deffinetly over a month. I feel like the change that was triggered in September is an ongoing thing though. The mental clarity that I had been craving all year, came to me in September. That sense of freedom is a great thing...

October - Appu turned 19! 19!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?? My baby brother was 19! DO YOU KNOW HOW OLD THAT MADE ME FEEL??? (Yes it is all always about me:P) I went to India, decided to get married to Sudarshan, did all my wedding shopping (in one day - a sure record!), and then came back! I turned 23! I sometimes think "I am soo old" and then I think, "Actually I am not!". I guess I just knew that I was no longer a kid - however, it is best to be an adult in your head and a kid at your heart and that is what I like to think I am (most of the time anyway!).

November - I presented at the student conference! I spent the whole month getting to know and love the person that I was going to marry. I continued to experience a myriad of emotions - but everything happens for the best.

December - I did half my growing up in September and I think I finished it off in December! I went from doing nothing around the house to doing almost everything! I was no longer freaking out about getting married and was starting to enjoy every moment for what it was.

Overall, it has been a beautiful year. After I did a summary of 2005, Natasha said to me, "Did you count the number of months you mentioned your work??". It was an indication of just how many of my thoughts and actions revolved around my PhD. I guess much of this year has once again revolved around my workplace, but also other things...

I am looking forward to 2007 - it is already looking like it is going to be a lovely year! I will take what 2007 has to offer with the comforting thought that both the happy and not so happy moments can now be shared. Yes... it will be a beautiful year :)


WELCOME 2007!!!! BYE BYE 2006!!!


Wishing you all a truly awesome year!