Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy 2008!!!

Looks like if there were no festivities then this blog would become extinct!

Firstly, belated Christmas wishes! I hope you all had a beautiful day. Secondly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2008 (a leap year - and we have the Olympics coming up too!) is almost here! One of these days I will stop wondering just how fast time flies...

2007 has perhaps been one of the busiest years of my life! I have surprised myself and have truly changed as a person. Anyone who knows me can tell...

January: I left for India on the 16th of Jan. In Jan as we all probably know by now, Sudarshan and I got married. What more can I say??

February: After spending two weeks with Sudarshan's family in Hyderabad, I came back to Sydney to wait for my "husband" to join me.

March: While Feb seemed to go by pretty quick, March seemed to drag on. The house that I had lived in practically all my life and the people whom I had known all my life seemed so different. I felt strangely empty and lost not having my husband by my side. Everything was starting to look different and I was seeing myself as a different person too. I don't mean any of this in a corny sort of way - but I came to realise that knowing that you are eternally bound to someone and not having them by your side surely makes for a uniquely uncomprehendable emotion.

April: After a month and a half of being apart (it seemed like a lot more!) Sudarshan arrived in Sydney on the 6th of April. We had our legal wedding and really got to know each other.

May: It was all eventually starting to sink in. We seemed to finally have some time to sit down and think about all that we had been through and every minute of my 23 years were told to Sudarshan and in turn every minute of his 27 years were regurgitated to me.

June: Did you really think that 23 and 27 years could have been re-told in merely a month???

July: I remember talking about "honesty" earlier. I discovered what it means to be your true self in that month. I was content. I still am. Sudarshan was offered a job that month. We moved to our own place. A turning point of all sorts...

August: I learnt to cook and clean and iron and all sorts of things. I also discovered what it is like to live without a telephone or internet access! I started paying bills and the like... Oh so old!

September: I started planning for our reception here in Australia. Sudarshan and I had achieved so much in the first 7 - 8 months of our life together and we couldn't help but feel proud of that. I realised that my PhD was coming to a completion. Who would have thought that 2.5 years were already up??

October: Sudarshan's parents joined us in our very own home. I am not only a lucky wife but also as a very lucky daughter(in-law). Our reception in Sydney proved to be a very fun affair. "Periva illadha kuduthanum, Perungaayam illadha thaligai". To both Sudarshan and myself, a family is simply not a family unless it is an extended family. That is the sort of environment that we have both been raised in. Currently it feels like we are on a vacation of some sort - yes it is fun and all that, but we know that this is not the real thing and it won't feel like home without my in-laws.

November: I took time off work to finally work on my thesis and to finalise what exactly should go in it! ABOUT TIME! Sudarshan and I celebrated our "Thalai Deepavalli" and "Karthikai".

December: A year since the beginning of the year, I continue to feel happy and content with my life and feel like God must really love me. It scares me because I don't believe that I have done anything to deserve such contentment.

This year I would like to thank God for all that I have been given. I have been truly blessed. I am proud of both Sudarshan and myself for all that we have achieved - individually and together. More so, I am extremely thankful and pray that in 2008 that I will be able to grow as a better person because I can't think of anything more to wish for.

I wish you all a ton of happiness in the New Year and may everyday be filled with joy, love and a sense of accomplishment.