Thursday, February 24, 2005

Broccoli and Bolognese!

Hmph! A group in "Europe" have just sent a article for publication. This should normally not worry me in the slightest but it seems that they have just taken the credit for much of what my lab was working towards.

Anyways, it doesn't bother me too much as far as my project is concerned, rather this just means that I am playing the "mother" and "peacemaker" allready because it is least close to home for me...if that makes sense!

We are having a major "replan lab goals" session tomorrow. Just as well!

Also I wrote to a Professor today asking him about what he thought about some of my ideas. I referred to him as "Prof" in both my mails. He wrote back saying that I made it all sound too serious and so should call him by his first name... Who thinks I should call him "Professor" + list all his credentials everytime I address him????

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Too much thinking make Vidya go #%#$^&^%$%^#$%^#...

Monday, February 21, 2005

Need something to do!!!

I am at the hospital with nothing to do. I have managed to somehow make it look like I am doing something - when all I have done is download two articles, attend one meeting (in which I had little to no contribution), and had lunch.

I can't really go home cuz we have booked the "hood" for 4:30 onwards...

So, till then, I have nothing to do!

Hmmm... I am thinking that I will go for a walk around the park and come back to the lab at 3 ish. Spend some time reading then be ready to tackle the "hoooddd" *insert scary music*.

Minute contribution...

My first week has come to an end. I have been taken through the basics of some of what I will be doing, and have filled up 1 whole page of my lab book! :P

The readings are going well and I am getting excited and am starting to feel a bond to my project - I now feel like "this is my project!".

I know all this wil onyl last a few weeks - after which I am going to be slowly start to lose it. Allready I have little faith in some of my reagents and have been told that some of my cell lines need "extra TLC - or they will just die".

I have also started to get to know my paitents' families (on paper). I won't say that I am emoionally attached - but it is helping me put my project into its place in the universe...

Today I am going out to some people's house with my parents in the morning and have dance practice in the evening. A good start to my second week:D

Thursday, February 17, 2005

In full swing!

I should have guessed that this blog would end up being a collection of my experiences as a grad student! I guess that while that was not the purpose - much of the entries will revolve around the highs and lows of my degree!

Today, I started planning my first experiment. I have spoken to a few other students, and am going to watch a friend perform some cell staining and histochemistry stuff next week before I attempt the same!

I am quite excited and am looking forward to "getting my hands wet"...perhaps it would be easier to just run tap water over it?? :P

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

My third day!

After two days of being back, I have decided to take the third day off:P I have all my papers now, so instead of going to the hospital and sitting around trying to start, I am jsut going to finish reading these papers and see how I go.

Also, saw my optometrist yesterday. It was really good, cuz my regular optometrist wasn't in. To be really honest, I don't have an excessive amount of faith in the abilities of our family optometrist - thus, I was very happy to see this other lady instead!

Anyways, my power hasn't increased (my lens power that is:P), they are concave as they were before, but I ordered two new frames. In the last two / three years, I have only ever had one frame! High-time I got a spare pair me thinks!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The PhD Psyche!

My first day as a PhD student consisted of me going to uni late, chit-chatting, getting a little bit of background information, attending a meeting, getting some reading material, getting bored and so leaving again:P

Perhaps, a sure indication of what the next three years is going to be like??? I doubt that I will be that lucky! I like the people I work and the other wonderful thing is that one of them is moving on from being an RA (research assistant) to her Masters, so for the first year, our thesis calendars are pretty much the same! I am so excited for her....and for myself!

Thursday, February 10, 2005


A place for me to ramble and rant at liesure...

At present I have nothing to ramble or rant about, except that I have spent close to 3 hours trying to change the look of this blog - with limited success! In the process however, I have managed to create yet another blog, a lycos / angelfire account, created and later destroyed yet another blog, downloaded close to 5 different blog designs and after finally losing it, I have decided to just stick to the default designs offered by "blogspot"! Until I either once again accquire the patience to learn how to upload things, or better - find someone who will do it for me:D :D, this blog is going to continue to look this way!