Sunday, June 11, 2006

Birthday Pressie

It was a colleague's birthday party yesterday and I said I would buy the present on behalf of the lab. We decided to get her a purple umbrella.

I went shopping on Thursday (late night shopping), and after looking EVERYWHERE for an umbrella, I was just about to give up and say "Umbrella manufacturers are on strike!". I then came across a great purple umbrella at Target just before closing time - the very last one. I quickly bought it.

Yesterday - Saturday, I opened the umbrella only to realise that it was broken! It was nearly 4:30m then and I had to leave for the party by 5:30ish as the rest of the present was at work! Also, because I had looked for a purple umbrella EVERYEHERE on the Thursday, I didn't think that my chances of finding on in less than 15minutes was that high!

Along comes my mum... I said to her, "Quick! Where can I get an umbrella from??". My mum goes, "Oh! they have some really nice umbrellas at Price Rite! You should have a look!".

By this time I was all panicky. I wanted to message another colleague and say "The umbrella is broken. I will try to get a new one!". However, instead of messaging the other colleague, I ended up messaging the birthday girl! AIYOO! THEN, I had the added worry of spoiling the surprise - so my quick thinking brain sent of another message to the birthday girl that read, "Don't worry about the last message... that was supposed to be for my brother!". PHEW!

I then raced to the shops, managed to get another purple umbrella at Price Rite - just as they were closing, and then raced to Target to return the broken umbrella! After that, I had to buy my mum some paneer, so I drove to the Indian shop, got wet, bought the paneer and drove back home. Then I had to get changed and leave for the party!

OH WELL! All's well that ends well! :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My Kinda Music!

There have been a couple of songs over the last few months that I have really liked. I don't think I mention music that much in my blog, so I thought I would just give you a list of songs that I absolutely love... These are the songs that I can listen to over and over again!

"To be a better man" - Robbie Williams
"Reason" - Hoobastank
"Into the Dark" - Ben Lee
"This Old Love" - Lior
"Upside Down" - Jack Johnson
"Sway" - Michael Buble

My all time favourite Tamil Songs...

"Nila Kaaigirathu" - from Indra
"Unnai Kaanadha Kannum" - Not sure what movie
"Kalangalil aval Vasantham" - Not sure again
"Aduthaathu Abujatha paarthela" - Ethir Neechal
"Ilaya Nila" - Not sure again (Mowna Raagam?)

All Time favourite Hindi Songs...

"Kasam ki Kasam" - ? (Meenaxi?)
"Khamosh Raat" - Thakshak
"Churaliyaa" - ?
"Dil Deewana" - ? (Maine Pyaar kiya?)

I haven't heard much Hindi or Tamil songs in the last few months, so I am a bit behind with my music there!

So there you go!

I don't really have anything else to say! Wishing you all a truly beautiful day!