Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bloody Indians!

I woke up this morning quite prepared to hear about India's BIG LOSS...

When I asked Srini how the match was going he said, "It's not too late for me to join Macquarie and do Business is it??". Too many Lakans at UTS apparently! :P

In answer to my question on how HIS Dhoni (yes... Srini owns Dhoni :P) did...

"I sent out a message as he was walking down to the crease saying 'Get ready for some Dhoni fireworks', a minute later, I sent another message saying, 'Ignore my last message!' ".

Anyways, I am just praying for Bermuda now - as a loyal fan I believe I should! If they beat Bangladesh... then India can still go through. However, a team that couldn't make it on its own doesn't deserve to proceed any further!

My favourites go something like this.... Windies, India, New Zealand, South Africa, Sri Lanka, England and at the bottom of the list is Australia. The rest I am neutral about. GO THE WINDIES!

Past experience tells me that the team(s) that I go for, tend(s) to lose.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Major Clean-up

This is something that I do every 5 years or so...

I finally cleaned out all my stuff today! I actually went through years of books and papers (by YEARS, I mean things like exercise books from the 9th grade!) and finally threw them out. I have still kept some notes and a few essays and sketches, but otherwise, I managed to throw everything out! I cleaned my room and I had 4 * 50L boxes worth of stuff that I could stow away (not throw away!). They have been put away to be transported to our new house for when Sudarshan and I move out...

I am currently in the process of organising all the clothes I have. I have close to 50 sarees at present! I went through ALL my sarees and made sure that I had matching blouses for all of them. For those that I didn't have blouses for, I managed to cut little bits out so that my mum could get them for me from India. :D

The other major thing for me to do this weekend is CLEAN MY CAR! I am hoping to clean it either tonight or later this week, and then hand my car in for a service later this month.

It feels a little bit odd cleaning my room at present, because I know it won't be my room for too much longer - maybe a few more months... Rama is eagerly waiting for me to move out so that he can claim my room!

Exciting times for all involved!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Point to Ponder...

"I don't believe that GOD punishes..."