Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Month On…

Today, Sudarshan and I complete a month of our married life. Everything with the wedding happened so fast that I finally feel like I now have some time to truly reflect on all that we both have been through over the last few months. When you are truly happy, you forget all the bad things and everything you have been through feels good and ... right! This is how things feel to me right now.

Just writing this little note to wish my husband a truly beautiful day. Sweets – wish you were here with me! Miss you ma!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mug of My Dreams!

I won a Sigma-Aldrich Mug today. VERRRYYY EXCITED!!! :D

It is such a coooolll mug! Now, I too can look really important in Lab Meetings - with my mug filled with Milo! :P


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

17 days later...

I have now been married for 17 days! It has been hectic, exciting, scary, and a total emotional roller coaster. I am enjoying it all though.

I am due to fly back to Sydney this Saturday night - arriving in Sydney on Sunday night. Sudarshan will be joining me in about two weeks time. It feels strange leaving India without him.

I am looking at myself and am quite surprised at the way in which I have changed over the last two weeks. I am learning new things about myself and other people too. I am understanding my parents better and my husband is starting to mean more and more to me each day. It is all very strange and quite unexpected.

I truly am looking forward to the coming year.