Monday, July 31, 2006

Bye-bye Accent... HELLO Yaris!!!



It is gorgeous!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ten things I will never understand...

1) Rear "spoilers" on a car

2) Why parents think that kids as young as 6 need tutoring

3) What you should do at an intersection if you want to turn right and there is another person on the opposite side also wanting to turn right, and you both have to "Stop" or "Giveway", and there isn't enough space for both of you to turn right at the same time! (I think a diagram would have helped here!)

4) Why people smoke

5) Why Indian Call Centre callers speak with a wierd accent, that is neither Indian, American, Australian or that of any other nationality!

6) Why there is "enough for everyone's need but not for everyone's greed."

7) How you can remember the silliest details for life, and forget the really essential bits right after the exam

8) People - as a collective

9) Why embarassment always wins a battle between emabarassment and pain - You had rather be in pain than be embarassed.

10) Why you HAVE TO justify why you are a vegetarian or a non-smoker or a non-drinker, but are never to ask for justification for why someone isn't. "Because I want to" is a perfectly valid answer but, "Because I don't" is not??

Monday, July 17, 2006

Sleepless nights...

OKAY! Srini sent this to me yesterday just before my bed time and that got delayed by an extra four hours because of this stuuupid puzzle! So, I thought, I would share the fun around :P

Basically that is the first page of the puzzle. You have to change the url to get to the second number, then the third and so on.

I am upto 23 and I am still going! So if you guys figure out the clue for 24 - HELP ME OUT!!!

Have a beautiful day!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Series of (Un)fortunate Reminders...

I walked into the lab this morning and there was a post-it note on my computer that read as follows....

"Vidya could you please transfer my tubes from the 9600 to the -20 on the orange rack at the PCR machine. *heart* Des"

I then walked over to my lab bench.

There was yet another post-it note that read...

"An additional reminder: Vidya... could you please transfer my tubes from the 9600 to the -20 on the orange rack at the PCR machine. *heart* Des"

So I walked over to the PCR machine so that I wouldn't forget. There was yet another note on the PCR machine that read...

"If Vidya forgets, Could someone please put these tubes at -20 for me :) *heart* Des"

I had a good laugh over it then came over to check my email. I had a lovely email from another colleague that read...

"Please don't forget to move Des's tubes to the -20C freezer."

RIGHT! I think the people I work with know me a little too well!

NB: I may have forgotten about other people's tubes a little more than once or twice...

I just wrote out a series of reminders for Des...

The first one read:
"Des, I have transfered your tubes from the 9600 to the -20 on the orange rack at the PCR machine. *heart* Vid"

The second one on her bench read:
"An additional reminder: Desiree... I have transfered your tubes from the 9600 to the -20 on the orange rack at the PCR machine. *heart* Vid"

I then proceeded to write a third note and stuck that one on the PCR machine and that said:
"If Des forgets, Could someone please let her know that her tubes are at -20 :) *heart* Vid"

I also wrote an email to my other colleague and said:
"Please let Des know that I have moved her tubes to the -20C freezer. Thanks, Vidya"


Monday, July 03, 2006



It should arrive by the end of the month! :D :D:D:D,4665,2742_662,00.html

That is it (Aqua Marine) :D


Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Nature of Happiness

"Maybe unhappiness is the continuum through which a human life moves, and joy just a series of blips, of islands in the stream. Or if not unhappiness, then atleast melancholy..." - Salman Rushdie, in "The Satanic Verses".

Someone else said something similar to me once. She told me how she trusted unhappiness more than happiness.

I think it is harder to fake unhappiness than happiness - not impossible, just harder.

Just a point to ponder...

In other news, I am hoping to get a new car really soon. A Toyota Yaris in Aqua Marine! Wish me luck! I am just waiting for them to approve my Finance!!

Fingers Crossed!!

I think I will miss my Hyundai Accent :'(