Monday, August 28, 2006

Exciting times!

Lately I have been spending ALOT of time at work - even if I am not at work, I find that I am thinking about work. I even dream about ATGCs! It is not a bad thing though - the scariest part is that I am enjoying it all!

I can't beleive that I am half way through my PhD already - and I am not sick of it yet! So YIPPEE! Who knows - maybe I will get sick of it later...but right now I am still very excited about my project. I still look forward to taking pictures of my gel and jump when I have nothing in my negative control!

On a totally unrelated note, I wonder if any of you people can help me! I am trying to find two people who were born on the same day, same time (to the closest hour) in the same city...

I was born on the 3oth of October, 1983 at 9:30pm in Tirupati, AP, India. Anyone match that? OR Do you know anyone who was born in the same city as you on the same day at the same time?

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Brisbane Photos

I have put up the photos from Brisbane at the above URL... You guys will have to sign in to OFOTO to view it.

Once I get more photos I will put those up too. These are just the ones from my camera so I don't feature in many of them.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Monday, August 14, 2006

I knew it!

I knew it wouldn't be long before Vedic Astrology found the Internet! I predicted this a few years ago - and I if I try hard enough, I can probably find the blog to prove it.

You guys should try It provided me with lota of amusement - I apparently have a 75% chance of getting married this year and an even higher chance of "accquiring cattle"...


PS: BRISBANE WAS FANTASTIC! Will write about it later! Going to bed now!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Symposium of Nerds!

Apparently "geek" is the new "cool". To be a "geek" is supposed to be better than to be a "nerd". Did you know that??? Channel "E" did a whole show on that last week and I watched it! You know that "E" is not a "Nerd-y" channel just by knowing that it is called "E"... they can't even spell "Entertainment"! "Discovery" doesn't call itself "D" now does it??? (I think I may have overdosed on the quotation marks with that paragraph!)

With that aside, I am leaving for Brisbane tomorrow!!!! YAAAYYY!!! I can't wait! I will be at the ICHG (International Congress of Human Genetics) and I am VERRYYY EXCITED about it! I have been to a few other conferences and symposiums but this is my first International one! How cool is that?? I can't wait to get all my free pens! :P Any chance of meeting up with anyone else (by that mean - MEL!) at the conferance?? If you will be in Brisbane next week, let me know!!

After the conferance, I will be spending the weekend with my work buddies at Moreton Bay. That should be fantastic! I can't wait for tomorrow!

I am hoping to meet a few people during the course of the conference and establish some goood connections for my research. SOOO EXCITED!

In case anyone cares AT ALL... I GOT BISULFITE SEQUENCING TO WORK!! FINALLY! Can I get a global "Woohoo" at the count of three?? 1... 2... 3!!! "WOOOHOOO!!"