Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The by-gone year

Well it is here! 2005 is gone FOREVER! A whole 365 days - where did it all go? What did I do last year?? Lets See...

January: Bludged my way through Jan. I was waiting to see if any Uni would be willing to have me in their lab - and pay me for my presence:P

February: My old lab said "We will take you!!". Being only 20minutes from home, I couldn't refuse!

March: Offcially started a "PhD in Medicine"! Spent the whole month trying to explain to people that it had nothing to do with me being a practicing doctor! "Yes I will be a Doctor of Medicine...but don't come to me if you think you might be having a heart attack!!!"

April: Got plenty of wonderful results!

May: Brother turned 20. Continued to get plenty of wonderful results!

June: Dad got back from India, and told us he was planning to go back for good! Found out that all my results meant absolutely nothing!

July: Dad left for India. Mum went with him for a few weeks. Started to stress about Annual Presentation. Got my first publication!

August: Annual Presentation!! Dad settled in India. Decided that I wanted to go to India too! Planned to visit collaborators in Perth.

September: Worked hard on PhD thing. Tried to organise a trip to Perth. Organised to leave for India in October!

October: That was a BIIG month! Rama turned 18. Went to Perth - got exciting results. Went to India - didn't get married - YAAY!! Played with fire crackers. Turned 22!

November: Spent time in India. Rama finished his HSC. Came home. Met loads of people!

December: Approached family about something that had been bothering me for years. Sorted things out and learnt to let go! Rama got his results! YAAYYY!!!

Now I am ready to face 2006 with a smile, a shrug and for the first time, even a fist should I need it!